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Very impressive presentation!

a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table

I saw fellow that some fellow yelpers recently visited Thai Prime and gave it good reviews so I was eager to try it. My friend had been here a couple weeks ago and said it was wonderful so we decided to go tonight.

The reviews were not wrong!

Going on a Monday was a good choice as parking was not as crazy as it is other times and the restaurant was not too busy. It is a pretty small place so if you are going on the weekends, I would make reservations. It also does not have your stereotypical Asian decor, but it is really nice. It is pretty simple, with comfy booths and wood on the walls. I also took a pic of the interesting metal elephant border.

Happy hour has a list of sushi rolls that are 2 for $15 but I didn’t get those as I was interested in getting something a little more creative. My friend ordered a dragon roll and I ordered something with jalapenos, eel, salmon and other tasty things (can’t remember the name but I think it had hot or burning in the name.)

The rolls are quite large, so I was considering just getting a soup but they had a lot of duck options (I love duck) and my friend talked me into getting an entree so I would have leftovers.

I ordered the duck panang curry. It came out with the duck and the veggies on one plate, and the curry in a bowl. Our server poured some of the curry over the duck and veggies and it sizzled and steamed up from the pan! Very impressive presentation! I liked that the curry was was separate because I was able to put additional sauce on when I wanted, and I had them put it in a separate container so that tomorrow I will be able do the same. I think the next time I go back, I will just order a duck item so I can enjoy more of it while the skin is crispy because I know it will not be the same tomorrow.

My friend got the Shrimp Pad Thai, which was also very good (she let me try it.)

Overall, it is more expensive than a lot of other sushi or Thai restaurants, but the portions are good and everything is super fresh. I would certainly splurge here again!